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    Friday 22nd June, 2018  

Team Report

All match reports from the teams Division 2 Fixtures for the 2011 season will be posted here.


SEAHAM v Beamish, 2nd August, Won 12-2    

A solid performance by Team Seaham not only ensured promotion but also the championship and back into the first division at the first attempt. The thrashing of Beamish was handed out by the following players.

D.PattersonWon 2 and 1
I.RooneyWon 7 and 6
K.BoothWon 2 and 1
T.PeatWon 4 and 3
G.WilliamsonWon 5 and 3
S.PearsonWon 3 and 2
S.MarattyLost 1 Down

Kevin Booth tees off at the 8th So its back to our rightful place in the first division next season. Some memorable events recalled include Dave Patterson never losing a game, early season thumpings dished out which set the tone for the season, and mountains of food demolished at after match meals by Ian Rooney!!

Last but not least, great support by members and first class caddies Bob Arthur, Stef Laverick, John Fenwick, Paul Price, Wayne Henry, Kevin Black, Stu Tuthill and Alan Plant; the last two also playing and winning their games.

See you next season.

Ace reporter - Bob Arthur (with little man syndrome!)

Hobson v SEAHAM, 26th July, Won 9-5    

On a cold dreary night at Hobson Team Seaham has promotion in touching distance with a solid performance over their already relegated opponents.

D.PattersonWon 2 and 1
I.RooneyWon 4 and 2
K.BoothWon 3 and 1
S.CraigLost 4 and 2
G.WilliamsonHalved Game
S.PearsonLost 4 and 3
S.MarattyWon 3 and 2

Another star perfomance by Mr Ian Rooney who after early demons with his putter until rectified by his caddie, went on to a great win.
He also excelled at the after match dinner polishing off a mountain of mince, dumplings, mushy peas and potato followed by cake and cream in olympic qualifying time!

So its one game left next week home to Beamish and a good result should confirm promotion. All support would be most welcome.

SEAHAM v Ravensworth, 19th July, Won 8-6    

Battle of the top two resulted in a victory for team Seaham and closes the gap to five points with only two games remaining. The visitors were let of the hook when 10-4 looked the likely score but still a positive result.

D.PattersonWon 2 and 1
I.RooneyWon 7 and 5
K.BoothLost 1 Down
T.PeatLost 2 Down
G.WilliamsonWon 5 and 4
S.PearsonWon 2 Up
S.MarattyLost 3 and 2

Star performer Mr Ian Rooney

SEAHAM v Wearside, 12th July, Won 8-6    

A decent result against promotion rivals Wearside which could have been a little more fruitful leaves team Seaham still in second position and in good stead as the season leaves only three games to play.

D.PattersonHalved Game
S.CraigWon 4 and 2
K.BoothWon 3 and 1
T.PeatHalved Game
G.WilliamsonLost 3 and 1
S.PearsonLost 4 and 3
S.MarattyWon 4 and 3

Brancepeth v SEAHAM, 5th July, Lost 8-6    

Not really a bad result at a difficult venue, and a bit unlucky not to grab another point or two. Star performance was by Sam Pearson who at one stage being four down with seven to play, turned his game round to win two up.

Another good effort which proved pointless was by Ian Rooney who carded six birdies only to halve all those holes.

D.PattersonWon 6 and 5
I.RooneyLost 2 Down
K.BoothLost 1 Down
T.PeatLost 2 and 1
A.WilliamsLost 2 Down
S.PearsonWon 2 Up
S.MarattyWon 5 and 4

Ramside v SEAHAM, 28th June, Drew 7-7    

A backs against the wall job at Ramside last night a great fight back when things were looking bleak a very credable seven points

D.PattersonHalved Game
G.WilliamsonWon 1 Up
K.BoothWon 5 and 3
T.PeatWon 2 and 1
A.WilliamsLost 3 and 2
S.PearsonLost 3 and 1
S.MarattyLost 7 and 6

Birtley v SEAHAM, 22nd June, Clarke Cup, Lost 3-2    

So the dream of a hat trick of Clarke Cups is over. Disappointment in the team as two of the defeats went close.

D.PattersonWon 3 and 1
G.WilliamsonLost 1 Down
K.BoothWon 4 and 2
T.PeatLost 5 and 4
S.MarattyLost 2 Down

Only promotion the remaining goal for Team Seaham which looks a good prospect.
Congratulations to Dave Patterson on having never lost a Clarke Cup game for us.

SEAHAM v South Shields, 21st June, Won 10-4    

No repeat of the 14-0 drubbing handed out on the opening day of the season, but a very good result keeps Team Seaham up top.

S.CraigLost 4 and 2
D.PattersonWon 4 and 2
S.PearsonWon 2 Up
G.WilliamsonWon 4 and 3
K.BoothLost 3 and 2
T.PeatWon 5 and 4
S.MarattyWon 5 and 3

Beamish v SEAHAM, 14th June, Won 8-6    

Another solid performance by Team Seaham at a difficult away venue at the half-way stage of the season keeps us up top with promotion on the horizon a strong possibility.

A.WilliamsWon 1 Up
D.PattersonWon 2 Up
S.CraigWon 5 and 3
G.WilliamsonLost 6 and 5
K.BoothLost 2 and 1
T.PeatLost 1 Down
S.MarattyWon 2 and 1

SEAHAM v Hobson, 7th June, Won 12-2    

Another thrashing handed out by Team Seaham over Hobson last night. A severely depleted home side with four regular players missing dug deep and maintained team Seaham at the top of the league.

J.DowsonLost 3 and 1
A.PlantWon 1 Up
I.RooneyWon 6 and 5
G.WilliamsonWon 2 and 1
S.TuthillWon 4 and 2
T.PeatWon 3 and 1
S.MarattyWon 3 and 2

A star performance by Mr Ian Rooney, which goes to show a diet of sausages, sausages and sausages really works.

Ravensworth v SEAHAM, 31st May, Lost 13-1    

Bad day at the office for Team Seaham against a very strong Ravensworth side who will be strong candidates for promotion. Seaham lacking key players put up a great fight with five games going close.

J.DowsonLost 2 and 1
I.RooneyLost 2 and 1
G.WilliamsonLost 1 Down
S.CraigLost 2 and 1
T.PeatLost 3 and 2
S.MarattyLost 4 and 3

SEAHAM v Heworth, 26th May, Clarke Cup, Won 3 1/2 - 1 1/2    

So the dream continues a hat-trick of Clarke Cups plus promotion. Team Seaham kept this a possibility with a good win over division one title chasing Heworth.

D.PattersonWon 2 Up
K.BoothWon 3 and 2
A.WilliamsLost 2 and 1
S.MarattyWon 1 Up

A great performance by the team but great credit to Dave Patterson who drove up from the south coast to play and maintain his record of never losing a Clarke Cup match for Seaham (Jinxed now!).

Wearside v SEAHAM, 24th May, Lost 8-6    

First defeat of the season for Team Seaham to promotion chasing and 2nd placed Wearside but a very good 6 points keeps us with a 10 point lead at the top.

D.PattersonWon 4 and 2
I.RooneyLost 4 and 3
S.CraigLost 5 and 4
T.PeatLost 6 and 5
S.MarattyWon 1 Up

SEAHAM v Brancepeth, 17th May, WON 12-2    

Handing out good hidings has now become a common occurrence for Team Seaham as Brancepath were put to the sword.

D.PattersonWon 3 and 2
K.BoothWon 1 Up
I.RooneyWon 3 and 2
G.WilliamsonWon 2 and 1
S.CraigLost 2 and 1
A.WilliamsWon 5 and 4
S.MarattyWon 4 and 2

Well done to the sausage man Mr Rooney being 2 down for many holes but fought back in great style to beat his opponent.

SEAHAM v Ramside, 10th May, WON 11-3    

After the opening game 14-0 victory, Team Seaham dished out another thrashing to the Ramside.

D.PattersonWon 6 and 5
K.BoothLost 4 and 3
G.WilliamsonWon 3 and 2
S.CraigWon 6 and 5
T.PeatWon 4 and 2
S.MarattyWon 2 Up

South Shields v SEAHAM, 3rd May, WON 14-0    

Life began in the second division where Team Seaham travelled to fellow relegation sufferers South Shields. A thoroughly comprehensive performance saw the away side thrash their opponents by the maximum scoreline. Star ratings came from Spencer Craig and new addition Trevor Peat who both had convincing wins.

D.PattersonWon 5 and 4
K.BoothWon 4 and 2
A.WilliamsWon 3 and 2
G.WilliamsonWon 3 and 2
S.CraigWon 8 and 7
T.PeatWon 5 and 4
S.MarattyWon 1 Up

Robbie the roving reporter.